M.M. Securities Private Limited (MMSPL) is the financial arm of M. M. Group of Companies. In line with the management diversification, strategy M.M. Securities Private Limited had been incorporated in August, 2007 as a private limited company under the Companies Ordinance, 1984. Initially its name was M.M. commodities Private Limited later it was converted into M.M. Securities (Private) Limited in February, 2009 and acquired the Corporate Membership of the Karachi Stock Exchange (Guarantee) Limited and a membership of National Commodity Exchange Limited in March 2009 and April 2009 respectively.

M.M. Securities (Private) Limited has increased its paid up capital to PKR 100million as on June 2010 from initial paid up capital of PKR 20million.

We strive to become prominent financial services provider with complete range of products in the industry. We intended to provide our clients with wide range and insightful research covering the macro environment of the market as well as company specific research. We provide our clients’ daily trading ideas based on fundamentals with technical entry and exit levels through our highly competent and well-informed sales force. The senior management consists of highly qualified and experienced personnel having exposure in domestic and international market sparing over a decade.

M.M. Securities has strong belief in four pillars of professionalism, ethical practices, integrity, efficiency and innovation. M. M. Securities Private Limited (MMSPL) is the new but the trusted name in the equity market, a niche in institutional, corporate and retail equity trading, will be developed through a dedicated team of talented persons focused on delivering premier client services, offering customized solutions to meet individual client needs. Our Equity desk has evolved as a premier trading desk by assembling a team of professionals. The team delivers service that reflects the high standard demanded by our client base in the equity markets.


M.M. Securities (Private) Ltd. focus is solely on delivering superior Investment Ideas, creative strategies, exceptional market intelligence and outstanding execution to our respective clients. Dedicated client service representatives provide clients with in-depth access to our products, services available and respond to all queries, including standard clearance questions or complicated technology issues. Our customer focused relationship system tracks client activity and enables us to act faster and more efficiently to clients’ changing circumstances and needs.

Equity Trading relies on the long-term market expertise supported by selected company and sector-specific analyses produced by analysts. We recognize that every client is unique and tailor our services accordingly. Sales team M.M. Securities (Private) Ltd. works closely with our Research Department to provide integrated approach superior market Insight and intelligence, sector driven investment decisions and the most up-to-date information to our institutional and individual clients by understanding their need for highly efficient processing, reporting and monitoring of transaction. Our focus continues to achieve best price execution for our clients.


M. M. Securities (Pvt.) Limited is also member of National Commodities Exchange Limited. MMSP is the pioneer of Rice trade (IRRI-6) in National Commodity Exchange Limited on 19th November 2009 and complete the physical settlement of the said contract. MMSPL has actively started commodity trading in 2010 and we are facilitating both corporate and individual clients.


At M.M. Securities, we make sure that you are always prepared to take your own investment decision when the opportunity arises. We bring you intensive research reports – whether sectors or company – wise, that tells you exactly when and where to invest. Therefore, it is an exciting investment opportunity; you are aware and always ready to invest. We have highly qualified research team, having broad range of research experience in local and multinational brokerage industry. Our research department has issued several research report in 2010 you may find our valuable reports on this web site.


M. M. Securities (Private) Limited is committed to making quality investments with a view to building value in a variety of areas including investment for both short term as well as long term strategic investing & financing.

MMSPL has qualified team and has ability to make speedy and correct decisions about investment mix and policy, matching investments to objectives, asset allocation for individuals and institutions, and balancing risk against performance. Portfolio management is all about capitalizing on strengths and cashing in on opportunities, at the same time avoiding threats and underplaying weaknesses while making a choice regarding debt vs. equity, domestic vs. international, growth vs. safety, and many other trade offs encountered in the attempt to maximize returns at a given appetite for risk. MMSPL team’s in-depth market knowledge enables us to provide sound advice on Capital preservation, investment performance and maintenance of liquidity.

Portfolios are built applying various strategies such as picking value stocks, growth stocks, income stocks, dividend yielding stocks, hedging, arbitrage, CFS financing, fixed income deposit placement and investing in debt instruments. Portfolios are actively monitored to ensure sector-wise and script-wise exposures to maintain within limit with the investment policies, guidelines and asset allocations set forth, macroeconomic indicators and fundamental analysis carried out for providing prime foundation for heavy exposures. Active trading portfolios are also constructed so as to benefit from short-term and price fluctuation. Traders are closely monitored by senior investment professionals.