M.M. Securities (Pvt.) Limited offers its customers the opportunity to build and personally manage their own investment portfolio by trading in Pakistan Stock Exchange – PSX (Formerly KSE) through an internet-based online trading application.

By using state of the art technologies, M.M. Securities redefines the way people look at financial investments, providing hassle-free and seamless investment solutions.


  • Execution of Trades – Buy & sell orders can be conveniently entered in MM Online Trade to be executed in real time.

  • Real time rates – Access to live quotes on all KSE shares on real time basis.

  • Secure Transactions – All trading activities are conducted via secure and sophisticated networks.

  • Universal access to your MM Securities Account – MM Online enables investors to conduct all their stock trading activity from anywhere in the world, at any time through the Internet.

  • Advanced Technology – MM Online is powered by easy-to-use advanced technology and offers great value to  give its clients one of the most compelling combinations of price and service.

  • Real- time portfolio updates – The status of orders placed can be monitored directly, along with the status  of trading account.

  • Real-time SMS alert – A real-time inbuilt technology of SMS with MM Online to unable customer updated.

  • Trader Assistance – Free trader assistance for every online clients.